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June 12, 2019 eromans561 0 Comments

Couple of years ago, God set me free from the bondage of religion and brought me into a profound relationship with Him. Even though I have been born again and attending church services since 16 years of age. The Lord opened my eyes to see that I was in bondage – in bondage to the spirit of religion. He helped me to understand that becoming a Christian is not just a one time born again experience, it is not just attending church services, it is not having titles or holding positions in church; but a profound, vital, intimate relationship with Him, where your heart and His heart begin to beat as one. A position where you like what He likes and dislike what He dislikes. A relationship where you not only pay Him visits on Sundays mornings, but allow Him do life with you by keeping Him in your Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The Lord helped me to understand that Jesus did not die so that I can attend church; He died so that I can become the church. 

He helped me to realize that the church is not just a building where we gather and listen to stories, but we are the story – the transformation He has done in us becomes the living story that people watch and are amazed at His wondrous works. 

He made me understand that it is not the alter with lightings and and flower decorations He is seeking for, but a heart where He can dwell in. He said to me “my daughter, come out from the crowd and become my living alter – my terbanacle. Break free from the spirit of religion and tradition and become my vessel.” 

I said Lord, I have nothing to offer. I am not the most prayerful person out there, neither am I the type of woman that knows all the scriptures, I am not even the type who has lived a holy life since they were born. But if you can do anything with me, then I am all yours… This was when my transformation began… Yes, Christ set me free from the bondage of religion and brought me into a love affair relationship with Him. He changed me from being churchy to being godly. 

And hey guess what??? What Christ did for me, He wants to also do for you today.  All you need is put your phone down and ask Him to do so…

Keep winning!!!

Tessy Tanyi Ministries

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